UVA-WEBLEARN - Distance Learning Quiz | Is online Learning Right for You?


Distance Learning Quiz

Is distance learning right for me?

Distance learning requires skills and abilities that may not be consistent with your style of learning. Not everyone is comfortable in this format. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire to help find out if distance learning will work for you.

1. I am the type of person who prefers to:
Do my school work alone
Can work alone or with a group of students equally well
I don’t work well alone, I need the socialization of the classroom

2. I do my work:
Quickly, with plenty of time before the due date
Slowly, but I am usually on time with assignments
At the last minute – I need reminders to get my work done, and am often late

3. I am the kind of person who:
Can communicate comfortably online
Can communicate online if given frequent feedback
Is uncomfortable with online communication, I prefer in person interactions.

4. Feeling that I am part of a class is:
Not necessary for me to get my work done
Helpful in getting my work done
Integral in my ability to do my school work

5. How important is contact with the course instructor:
I like to get feedback on my work
I like a quick response to a comment or question
I need an immediate response or I feel frustrated

6. Classroom discussion is:
Helpful but not crucial for me to learn
Important to my ability to learn
Crucial to my ability to learn

7. When I get an assignment I need instructions:
To be in writing, so I may refer to them when needed
To be in written form, with discussion as the project nears completion
To be verbal, with time for questions and clarification

8. I prefer to learn:
By reading at my own pace
By reading at my own pace with opportunity for discussion
By listening to a lecture

9. The amount of time which I can spend on this course is:
At least as much as if the course was on campus
Somewhat less than if the course was on campus
Much less than if the course was on campus

10. Coming to campus on a regular schedule is:
Difficult for me
A bit of a problem, but can be done
Easy to do

11. If I am unsure of an assignment I would:
Feel comfortable contacting my instructor by email
Feel somewhat uncomfortable, but would do it anyway
Feel very uncomfortable, I would wait for someone else in class to ask the same question

12. My need to take this course now is:
High – I need it immediately
Moderate – it fits my goals, but I could take it later in the classroom
Low – I don’t need to take the course right now